Tourist Operations

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Though a proven market, profitable T-sub operations have always been limited due to a myriad of reasons. This is primarily due to the expense of the operation which must be offset by a proper number of ticket sales. The primary factors that impact a T-subs profitability is:

  • The cost to transport passengers from shore to the dive site;

  • The SAFE transfer of passengers from the transport vessel to the sub, which requires additional personnel;

  • The need to be in close proximity to a dive site which limits site selection and drives up cost;

  • The need (and cost) of a dedicated seaside facility since most subs are not easily transported;

  • The cost of the employees required to support the operation.

Such expenses must be offset by ticket sales. Smaller subs simply do not have the seating capacity required offset these expenses and larger subs (that do have the seating capacity) can only book enough passengers in a limited number of locations that have a proper dive site nearby.

Hyper-Sub: Changing the T-Sub Profit Equation


Hyper-Subs launch from any dock or beach and does not require shore-side facilities or employees for those facilities. It also does not need for passengers to be ferried to the dive site because the Hyper-Sub is its own transport vessel. Additionally, the Hyper-Sub recharges its own dive systems on the go which allows more hours of operation. By eliminating such a significant amount of overhead, the Hyper-Sub radically alters the historic profit equation. Hyper-Subs will not only be profitable. They will be doing so in many more areas around the globe given the smaller tourist arrival rates required.

Team With Us!

The Company’s internal numbers show that each Hyper-Sub deployed could generate $1.5 million to $2 million annually, depending on the final placement/financing cost of the Hyper-Sub. The Company can work with an investor or partner to ensure that the placement and maintenance cost is modulated for the profitable operation for each Hyper-Sub placed. If becoming a Hyper-Sub T-sub operator, partner, or investor is of interest, let us know. We would be happy to discuss the opportunity with you.