The Hyper-Sub MSV (Multipurpose Sub-Sea Vehicle) is the world's first long range speedboat that is also a true, heavy-lift, utility submarine.  With over 6,000 lbs. of variable cargo carrying capacity, it can be outfitted for many different purposes.  Being a speedboat, it can deploy faster and easier than any other submarine in the world...and at only a fraction of the cost.  It is also small enough to be used in even the shallowest of waters, right off of a beach, or in rivers, or ports. 

Industry experts agree it will fill multiple critical needs around the globe unlike any other manned sub-sea machine before it. 

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Capability Highlights 

  • The Hyper-Sub will be able to dive to 500 feet with a certified acrylic cabin
  • It can travel over 300 miles submerged on a single deployment
  • It can travel approximately 500 miles on the surface (depending on sea state) to almost any point of interest, then dive with the throw of only a few switches    
  • It is the first mini-sub capable of being outfitted with over 6,000 lbs. of optional equipment, cabin configurations, and electronics packages for different end users
  • It routinely traveled, fully submerged, in waters as shallow as 15 feet deep without breaching the surface  
  • It is the first true submarine capable of being beached, or launched, in only three feet of water  
  • It will revolutionize mini-sub safety by possessing over 30,000 lbs (15 tons) of reserve lift when submerged  

The end result is a manned sub-sea utility vehicle that, unlike any min-sub before, provides a more practical, versatile, and inexpensive way to access, and work, in the sub-sea environment.