Strategic Opportunities

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If owning a considerable stake in something that promises to revolutionize an industry is of interest; if an ability to expand your company’s global presence would be beneficial, or if there is some other benefit that you could gain by being involved with our program, give us a call.  After all, the time required to do so isn't much but the benefits gained could be many.    

Strategic Partnerships.  Perhaps you are already a part of a vibrant company that is looking for new ways to expand your profit margins or global reach.  The Hyper-Sub's international high profile and market penetration capability might be the answer you are looking for.       

Capital Partnership or Capital Raise Capabilities.  We are engineers and builders, NOT capital raise experts.  So if you have the skill set required to raise capital, we would love to hear from you!  The Company is well prepared in every other way, ranging from manufacturing to having access to global representation...and you might be the final catalyst needed to ensure our global success.  

Dealers or Distributors.  Secure sales rights in your country or region. 

Oil and Gas. If you are a service provider who understands the time /cost benefits of the Hyper-Sub, give us a call!  Exclusivity in the market could significantly expand your international customer base.