Team Hyper-Sub


"Team Hyper-Sub" is a phrase we use to explain, in a more accurate way, all of the people and companies who are a part of our effort.  The list includes over 250 people who have invested in the program, our management team, technical experts, engineering and manufacturing companies along with many others who simply cheer us on every day.  Each of these resources are incredibly important to us and explain why we are so well prepared to move forward. 

In addition to our engineering and manufacturing alliances, the following are just a few examples of the global talent that is a part of our Team.  

Supporting Talent

Jim Hierholzer  

  • Technical Certification Authority under NAVSEA/ USSOCOM’s S301 & S351 Dry Combat SEAL delivery submersible program

  • Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy Engineering Specialist in Naval submarines, manned submersibles, deep-sea saturation diving systems, hyperbaric chambers, aerospace training simulators and deep space habitats

  • Committee Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for PVHO

  • Delegate to NASA’s Habitable Volume Community of Practice

  • Certification Authority for Multi Role Combat Craft (MRCC) SEAL delivery system, Schilling Robotics’ Heavy Duty work class Kiel 6000 meter deep-sea ROV, and the Hydroid’s Abyss AUV

  • Former Regulatory Expert for International Classification Society for US Coast Guard Regulations, International Maritime Organization Resolutions, and the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea

Captain Richard Hoffmann

  • President and CEO Orion Solutions, LLC

  • Chief Military Technical Advisor for the movie “Battleship”

  • Chief Military Technical Advisor for the movie “Captain Phillips”

  • Captain of USS De Wert and the USS Hue City, United States Navy

  • Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations to Cruiser Destroyer Group Twelve

  • Executive Officer USS Stephen W. Groves, United States Navy

  • Tomahawk Cruise Missile Program sponsor, The Pentagon

  • Bachelor’s of Science Biology, The Citadel

  • Master’s of Science Oceanography, Naval Post Graduate School

Dr. Robert E. Palmer

  • Staff Director, Committee on Science, U.S. House of Representatives

  • Minority Chief of Staff Congress 1995 -2005

  • Majority Chief of Staff Congress 1993-1994

  • Directed all federally funded civilian Research and Development programs for space, energy, environment industries and the physical sciences

Eben Franks    

  • Marine Archeology exploration expert using ROV’s with National Geographic and Whydah Expeditions

  • Demonstrator Teledyne Benthos, Inc. Remotely Operated Vehicle, Stingray in challenging real-world conditions worldwide

  • Offshore oil and gas exploration and execution of coring and rock dredge operations

  • Expert in Underground Emergency Acoustic Communications for the mining industry

Alan B. Smith   

  • Manager for Northrop Grumman, Mission Command Control & Intelligence Division,

  • Program Manager for the Ocean Projects Department of Naval Oceanographic Office for Autonomous Undersea Vehicles

  • Manager of the Integrated Undersea Surveillance Systems at the Space and Naval Special Warfare Command

  • Program Manager and Operational Test Director in the Undersea Warfare Section

  • Project coordinator for New Attack Submarine Early Operational Assessment

  • Recipient of numerous awards and decorations including two Naval Commendation Medals for Meritorious Service, Multiple TRW Special Awards for Superior Service and Outstanding Contributions

Jim Roby

  • International Business Development Manager for Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies

  • Expert in business development, import and export regulations, foreign military sales and U.S government sales

  • Responsible for the international sale of the Infrared Doppler Radar System, "WindTracer" to the aviation industry.

Paul J. DiVecchio

  • Leading authority on regulatory compliance for International Traffic in Arms Regulations and United States Munitions List

  • Advisor for business and government entities on export compliance issues

  • Hosts training and public seminars to companies worldwide, on U.S. Export Regulatory Compliance and has assisted companies in mitigating government enforcement proceedings

  • Expert in product classification and licensing

Steven Withrow

  • Executive Director of the Marine & Oceanographic Technology Network (MOTN)

  • Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Marketing Manager with Hazeltine

  • Director of Undersea Systems Marketing with General Instruments

  • Vice President, Ocean Survey Products with Channel Technologies, Inc.

  • Managing Director of ORE Offshore

  • Chairman of the Board for the Slater Center for Ocean Technology (SCOT)