Special Operations Forces (SOF) Delivery 


The Seal Delivery Vehicle (or SDV) is the current method through which SOF ingress an area while submerged. It is a wet sub, meaning it has an open cockpit that exposes its crew to the environment and requires SCUBA gear for its use. These two factors severely limit mission duration times and therefore restricts the missions for which it can be used. Inserting SOF personnel is perhaps the only mission it is currently used for. Additionally, SDV’s must be carried to an area of interest by large blue water submarines which limit the total number that could be used at any one time.

Though the SDV system works, it is fraught with shortcomings, so much so, the U.S. government has spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to develop an alternative system.

The Hyper-Sub MSV

Though the Hyper-Sub cannot be deployed from a large submarine, it is forward deployable. It possesses a dry cabin and can operate in extremely shallow waters. As such, it has many advantages over the current SDV. Additionally, given the MSV’s mission duration capabilities, it can be used for many more purposes other than SOF delivery.  

Governments (Non-U.S)

For governments whose area of interest is close by, the MSV represents a good alternative; not just for SOF delivery, but for many other purposes as well.

Go Fast Wet Subs

The Company felt it worthy to note that in pursuit of developing an alternative to the current SDV, several wet subs (that the Company refers to as go fast wet subs) have been, or are being developed. Though they seemingly possess an ability to transit to an area of interest without needing to be carried by a larger blue-water sub, they are still wet subs nonetheless and therefore still limited in mission duration time or purpose.