Hyper-Sub MSV Production Specifications 

All Series II Hyper-Subs will be built according to the exacting standards required by DNV-GL, and they can be outfitted in an almost unlimited number of ways based on a customers needs.  The following specifications are based on the Company's standard, Series II 45/500C model.       

Standard Features and Principle Dimensions

Cabin: Acrylic 500' depth capable cabin (see additional cabin options below)
Variable Cargo Capacity:
6,000 lbs. (2,722 kg)
Deck Space: Rear and side deck space for Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) deployment, cargo, or other purposes
Length Overall (LOA): 45’ 2” ( 14 meters)
Beam (With side tank modules installed): 16’ 6” (5 meters)
Height (arch deployed): 9’ 6” (3 meters)
Draft: 3’ 10” (1.2 meters)
Transportation Width: 14’ 6” (4 meters)
Transportation Height (arch stowed): 7’ 10” (2 meters)
Dry Weight: 30,000 lbs (13,608 kg)
Transport: Transport trailer provided

Surface Vessel Characteristics

Fuel Capacity: 525 gallons (1,987 liters)
Hull Construction: aluminum V-hull
Upper Decks: aluminum
Engines: 2 - 480-hp Yanmar 6LY3-ETP diesel with V-drives
Transmissions / Ratio: ZF/2.5:1
Propellers: 24x31 4-blade, no-cup Michigan Wheel
Cruise Speed: 30 mph (@ 3,000 RPM - min cargo) 48 kph (26 knots)
Fuel Consumption: 34 gal per hr. 127 liters per hr.
Planing speed: achieved 8 seconds
WOT*: 35 mph 57 kph (31 knots)
(* Wide Open Throttle)

Submerged Characteristics

Submerged Propulsion: two (2) 60 hp 12” Innerspace thrusters/ electric over hydraulic
Station Keeping / Hover Capability: two (2) 10 hp vertical Innerspace thrusters
Normal Life-Support Duration: 12 hours
Emergency Life-Support Duration: 48 hours
Maximum Dive Depth (Acrylic Cabin): 500 feet (152.4 meters) with safety margin of 1X 
Max Submerged Speed: 5.5 knots

Standard Systems

Batteries: 22.8 kWh AGM standard (see additional options below) 
Standard Dive Air Storage:
4,000 std. cu. ft. @ 4500 psi (SCBA air rated)
Electrical system: 96 VDC and 12 VDC
Accessories: SCBA air umbilical for prolonged diver support; SCUBA tank recharge station; A/C Power Inverter

Navigation, Communication, and Instrumentation

Photonics periscope mast for surface reconnaissance
High-Precision Underwater Navigation Suite
Wide-Angle/zoom HD camera
Fully dimmable LED lighting arrays
Multi-beam imaging sonar for real-time viewing, characterization and measurement of objects and surroundings in zero-visibility conditions
Long-range/low bandwidth acoustic voice and data communications

Other: GPS, Chart Plotting, Surface Navigation Radar, gyro compass, digital depth gauge, air system pressure gauges, engine tachometers, oil pressure, temperature and fuel gages, VHF radio, atmospheric monitors (H2, O2, CO2), ballast level indicators, pitch and role inclinometers, engine compartment status indicators, battery compartment water and pressure sensors, battery voltmeters for both 96V and 12V battery banks.

Safety Features

All systems and designs will be certified to DNV-GL Rules for Classification and Construction of Manned Submersibles. For a detailed list of Hyper-Sub safety features, and to learn more about revolutionary safety features that are not available in other designs, click HERE


The following are options that may be available for different buyer needs. The cost to provide these options are addressed on a case by case basis.

General Options

For battery options click HERE
Rear deck seating for recreational buyers
Rear deck/side deck outfitting for Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) deployment, cargo, or other equipment
Engine snorkel for diesel powered semi-submerged propulsion and semi-submerged recharge capabilities
6 function manipulators (arms)
Additional cameras
Additional dive air
Additional fuel
Through-hull power, control, and communications connectivity for optional sensors/tools/equipment
18-megapixel digital stills camera with zoom and HD recording capability
Long-range/high precision side scan sonar with sub-bottom profiling capability
Fiber optic or optical modem data link to surface for real-time video and data communications back to shore or ship-based operations center
Secure broadband wireless or satellite communications link

Single Cabin Options

Steel Cabin for 1,200' depth capability (with a safety factor of 1X)
Retail Configuration: Comfortable accommodations for pilot and four passengers (two couples)
SOF Configuration I: Seats a pilot and nine personnel (if utilizing military style seating arrangement)
SRI Configuration: Seating for a pilot and a systems operations officer. Remainder of the space used for alternating sleeping birth and marine sanitation device

Two Cabin Configuration Options

Configuration I: Forward cabin seats pilot; separate rear cabin seats crew and can be flooded for crew egress and decompression
Configuration II: Forward cabin seats pilot; separate rear cabin used to carry 200 cubic feet of supplies and / or gear
Configuration III: Forward cabin seats pilot and Co-pilot; Rear cabin used for crew or gear