Port, River, and Canal Security

There are currently 920 ports worldwide and an almost unlimited number of rivers and several canals that need security.  Though surface related and cargo related security measures are already a matter of port security function, port, river, and canal authorities remain highly concerned that technology has not yet provided for subsea related vulnerabilities that have been clearly identified as high threat possibilities.  Chief among these are:

A) A vessel carrying high explosives on its hull, attached unknowingly at its port of origin or other ports of call that could be detonated at a strategically important moment to block a port, canal or river way 

B) Unauthorized submerged ingress into a port or onto a beach by a SCUBA diver, unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) or mini-sub whose intentions are unknown.  

Limitations: Sub-Sea Detection, Identification, and Interdiction: To date, there is no system known to the Company that can provide all three of these critical aspects.  Though there are sub-sea detection sensors available, they are usually limited in their ability to identify a target once detected and have no capability to interdict a target once identified. 

The Hyper-Sub Solutions:

Ship Hull Scanning: The MSV can perform real-time visual scan of ship hulls in seaward approaches to canals, ports or river ways, verifying they are free of hidden external payloads.  Though the need for such capabilities have been clearly identified by governments around the globe, resulting in experimentation with multiple sub-sea scanning devices, to date, there is no system that has yet been deemed practical in solving this critical problem that is known to the Company.  Hyper-Sub capabilities in this regard represent a very practical and straight forward solution to this problem.      

Submerged Target Detection, Identification, and Interdiction:  As a surface vessel, the Hyper-Sub can scan the submerged environment for unidentified targets, either independently or through being linked with sub-sea detection devices.  Upon detection, the Hyper-Sub has the immediate ability to dive in order to identify the target.  If the target is unauthorized or possibly hostile, the Hyper-Sub can immediately interdict.  Though sub-sea detection has been deemed a priority for today’s ports and sub-sea detection devices experimented with, there is no practical system known to the Company that can quickly identify a target once detected or have an ability to intercede such targets. Hyper-Sub capabilities in this regard represent a very practical and straight forward solution to this problem.                  

Surface Patrol:  When not being used for sub-surface needs, the Hyper-Sub can supplement a ports’ general surface patrol activities.  With moderate upgrades, a Hyper-Sub can be outfitted to also function as a gun boat, a feature that is very useful in certain regions around the globe.     

Miscellaneous: Hyper-Subs can also conduct underwater inspections to verify (or deny) damage from transiting ships, assess dangerous obstructions or hazards in a water way or inspect other infrastructure as needed.  In combination with the above, there is no other system known to the Company that can perform such a wide array of functions in such a practical way, all in one platform.