So, why invest? 

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Though we are very passionate about what we are doing, investing is, of course, about making money, and we believe the Hyper-Sub represents a very good opportunity to do that.  Though ground floor investments are riskier, as a standard expectation, they also have a potential to produce much higher rates of return, usually exceeding 10 times the amount invested (as seen here). Normally such opportunities are only available to Venture Capitalist.  

Key Program Factors to Consider

  • It's a ground-floor opportunity with excellent potential returns.

  • The Hyper-Sub is is not just a drawing on a napkin. Our concept is proven.

  • We have a solid plan and multiple paths to success. We can be very profitable, even through low sales volumes.

  • There is a large verifiable global need for our product.

  • We do not require large sums of cash to reach our global clients.

  • We do not need to raise capital to manufacture Hyper-Subs for our clients. Our infrastructure is already in place and our buyers expect to pay the construction costs of the Hyper-Subs they are purchasing.

  • We have a global network of companies who wish to sell Hyper-Subs to their government clients.

Bottom-line, the "heavy lifting" has been done.  We have demonstrated that the risk and capital normally required to launch such a company has been minimized.  Now, we simply need to sell one or more Hyper-Subs.