Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) 

The MSV has characteristics that make it capable of a wide range persistent ISR missions, right up to the water’s edge, undetected. Chief among these are:

  • Fuel load(1): The MSV’s fuel load allows it to deploy from over the horizon

  • Size: The MSV’s size allows for it to ingress and area submerged in waters only 20 feet deep

  • Dry cabin: The dry cabin protects its crew from the elements which allow for sustained operations

  • Fuel load & onboard dive systems recharge capabilities: The MSV’s fuel load combined with its onboard dive systems recharge capabilities allow the MSV to remain on station for a prolonged period of time or to roam long distances in an area as required

  • Variable cabin configurations: Depending on the mission, a standard MSV cabin can be outfitted to allow for multiple operators, a marine sanitation device and a sleeping birth for alternating use to assist with mission duration time extensions

  • Speedboat capabilities: Available for rapid area egress if needed

  • Onboard sensors and other systems: The MSV is a heavy lift, modular platform designed for integration with an almost unlimited number of electronic and other systems.

  • Defensive/offensive capabilities: The MSV’s 6,000 lb cargo carrying capacity allows it to carry any number of offensive or defensive systems

Additionally, due to the Hyper-Sub’s small size, they are affordable enough to be purchased in quantity which can vastly improve a government’s ability to expand its ISR network, virtually overnight.