Our Videos

Most of our videos were assembled in house and on the fly! So, they may not be of the same quality everyone has grown accustom to these days. But, that will not deter us from sharing the Hyper-Sub experience with those who love this incredible machine as much as we do!


The Company has full, unedited videos of the Hyper-Sub that were recorded through the course of its 21 dive test cycle. They begin at the dock, prior to engine start, and continue, without interruption, throughout the dive, resurfacing, and surface transit return to the dock.  It's historic footage and available for specific purposes and/or audiences.  

2019: Why the Hyper-Sub is so Important

Perhaps our best attempt (to date) that explains why the Hyper-Sub MSV is so innovative and why it will change the sub-sea market as we know it.

The Hyper-Sub Returns

Found this one on YouTube. Fairly accurate and quite informative.

Redefining Submersible Technology

A special thanks to Sabrina Abernathy and Orion Solutions for assembling this video for us!  

Our Original Introduction Video 

The Founders Cut (Sights and Sounds)

We call this video "The Founders Cut".  It's a video assembled by our Founder that is a little raw!  But if you like garage band rock-n-roll that is a little rough and a bit too loud combined with some unique Hyper-Sub footage, this video might be for you!