World Records Pursuit  

Though we are a small start-up company, that does not mean we don’t have the most historic, ground-breaking innovation going.  As a matter of fact, the Hyper-Sub already made history when it demonstrated, over the course of 21 dives, to be the first vessel capable of performing as a true surface vessel that could also transition into a true, dry (pressure boundary) cabin submarine. It also demonstrated it was the first submarine capable of parking in waters as shallow as three feet deep after cruising fully submerged in waters as shallow as only 15 feet deep; a capability that is extremely important to governments around the globe.

Now, starting this year, the Company intends to (once again) demonstrate how capable, useful, and economic the Hyper-Sub platform is compared to its counterparts, and we will do this using only our first generation design platform.  Some of the world records we intend to set are as follows.  

Hyper-Sub Capabilities / World Records        

The world's fastest, privately owned, dry cabin mini-submarine: This will be the first record we pursue.  In fact, by the time we are done, the Hyper-Sub might prove to be the worlds fastest submarine, privately owned or otherwise. We will pursue this record while running on the surface.  Of course, some will say "That's not a fair comparison".  Our response?  "That's the point we are trying to make".  Speed, ease of use, low use cost, all in a package that IS a submarine IS unprecedented.  "Fair" has nothing to do with it.  Simply put, more capabilities are more capabilities.

Longest distance traveled by a privately owned mini-sub:  This will be the second record we pursue, and yes, we will pursue this on the surface as well with the same caveats as mentioned above.  Though mathematically capable of traveling 500 miles, our selected target will (most likely) be 300 miles.                 

Longest distance traveled submerged during a single deployment for a privately owned submarine: Unlike other mini-subs, the Hyper-Sub can recharge its batteries any number of times during a single deployment given it can carry 500 gallons of fuel as a standard.  This translates into the Hyper-Sub being the first mini-sub capable of traveling hundreds of miles submerged during a single deployment without assistance. 

Longest time submerged per deployment:  This record will be set simultaneously during the aforementioned record.  The Hyper-Sub can remain submerged longer than any other mini-sub.

Other Records to Be Pursued

  • The fastest to deploy

  • The easiest to deploy

  • Most dives in a day

  • Most dives per deployment

  • Widest variation in cargo

  • Lowest cost to deploy

  • Widest cargo carrying lifting capability