Happening Now & 2019

2018 was a great year for the Company! The Hyper-Sub has returned to the water for in-house re-certification of its surface systems and is currently being reactivated for full-on subsurface activities! To receive the latest updates about our progress, be sure to click on the “Update Notifications” link below!

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Scheduled for October, 2019.

These are upgrades to the Hyper-sub’s original systems. Subsea horizontal station keeping and mechanically assisted ballast induction tests are currently scheduled for October, 2019.

Reservations to see a Hyper-Sub demonstration will be limited and reserved for pre-qualified buyers and/or strategic investors only. Contact the Company for details related to reservation requirements and scheduling.

The Company will announce the schedule for each of the world records it will attempt on an individual basis. This schedule will be determined based on the time required to complete the subsea systems recertification and demonstration(s) schedules.

The Company will announce its schedule for boat and trade show appearances based on the time available following its subsea systems recertification testing program and demonstrations schedule.

It will be an exciting year! Be sure to follow our progress through Facebook @hypersubtech !