Government/Military Applications and Uses

The capabilities of the Hyper-Sub make it a perfect solution for many government and military operations. The modular design makes it easy to change out the dry chamber to meet the requirements of each mission. In addition, the Hyper-Sub is easily deployed, has extreme shallow water functionality and has the ability to recharge its dive systems to extend mission duration times.


Port, Coastal, and River Security

Search and Recovery

Military Uses/Applications


This market encompasses a global need for SOF insertion, SOF resupply, offensive capabilities, defensive capabilities, deception, communications and/or electronic signals spoofing and other operational support functions as it relates to sea-based operations.

Persistent Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR)

Amphibious: Dry Personnel Insertion

Drone Launch and Recovery Platform

Non Combatant Evacuation Operations (NEO)

Special Operations Forces (SOF) Delivery

Covert Resupply

Other Potential Military Uses or Applications

  • UUV development platform

  • Area Influence/Signal Spoofing platform

  • Anti-Mine capabilities 

  • Submerged Target Detection, Tracking, and Awareness

  • Subsea Sensor Deployment and Sensor Maintenance platform