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The Plan (Overview)  

With the economy booming once again and following the Hyper-Sub's appearance at the Advanced Naval Technology Exercise at Camp Pendleton, the time is right to raise the capital needed to reactivate the Hyper-Sub so that sales can be secured.  We are making great progress and the financing needed to reactivate the Hyper-Sub has been secured.      

Reaching More Buyers and Investors Through Pursuit of WORLD RECORDS

The reactivation of the Hyper-Sub will include a few upgrades, like underwater hover capabilities.  The effort will be separated into two phases, surface and subsurface.  As each are completed, we will pursue, and set, multiple world records to capture the media's attention.  As we do this, it will allow us to reach many more additional buyers around the globe along with a broader base of investors.


Thanks to the need that exists for the Hyper-Sub and its ability to reach audiences around the globe, only a modest amount of financing should be required to insure that the Company can secure its first sale.      

Invest Now!  

Though a single larger investor might engage us at anytime given the promotional effort we are about to undertake, there is still time for private individuals to invest.