Most of our videos are done in house and therefore are not the quality that we have all grown accustom to.  But that doesent stop us from trying to get our message out!  Here is our most recent video update!

Campaign 2018

With the economy booming once again, it is now time to bring this incredible machine to market.  Campaign 2018 is a step by step plan that has been assembled to help insure that this occurs, in a low cost way, through the full reactivation of the Hyper-Sub...and it all begins with you.  

As you will see, Campaign 2018 begins with an effort to find people like ourselves who understand the rare opportunity this represents and who will decide to invest...and it will not take many in order for our goals to be met.  Though the risk involved isn't for everyone, it is how we were able to build the Hyper-Sub in the first place and is how we will quickly transform our modest Company into a highly profitable, global entity.  We hope you will take the time needed to consider the possibilities and will decide to invest! 

July 2018 Update

Our original Introduction video!  Though somewhat crude, some of the footage is great!