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Whether your interest is in securing an advantage over your competitors or you simply want to be among the very first to own such an elite machine, here is what you need to know about ordering one of the very first three Hyper-Subs to be delivered.


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DNV-GL Quality Control and Certification: From the first screw to the final surface/dive test certifications, the requirements of DNV-GL will be strictly adhered to. Under no circumstances will the Company be coerced into circumventing the manufacturing, safety, or performance standards of this body.

Qualifying: In order to qualify for the purchase of a Hyper-Sub, the Company must be able to easily verify who you are; that you have the financial means with which to fulfill your contractual obligations, and that you are in good standing with all U.S. and international regulations that govern the purchase of such a product, as ultimately equipped, per your order.


Pricing: Hyper-Sub’s are custom built machines that can be outfitted in an infinite number of ways. Battery selection alone can increase the price of a Hyper-Sub by $3 million or more. As such, there is no fixed retail price for a Hyper-Sub. However, the Company uses, as a baseline, a price of $9.5 million to gauge swings in the final price to the buyer, based on the final options selected during the ordering process.

Contract 1 / Special Consideration: The Company has a desire to maintain near constant access to its first Series II Hyper-Sub and will want to display it during special events. As such, the Company will provide special pricing. that will significantly reduce the cost to our first buyer, and we will provide free maintenance for these privileges. If you wish to be the very first to own a Hyper-Sub, contact us for additional details. To discuss, a Non-disclosure Agreement will be required.

Specifications: To qualify as a buyer for one of the first three Hyper-Subs, your order must fall within the general “non-option” specifications outlined here, though some exceptions can be considered depending on the options desired.

Deposits, Progress Payments, and Final Delivery

Though each individual contract will specifically govern deposits, schedules, and the final deliverable requirements, in general, the Company will require a 30% deposit to start, along with an Irrevocable Letter of Credit. Progress payments will be required to cover manufacturing and part(s) procurement costs PRIOR to the Company placing orders with its suppliers. The cost of any changes to the contract requested by the buyer will be priced at the Company’s cost plus 20%.