The manufacture of a Hyper-Sub is a straight froward process.  As seen below, we use highly respected, well established vendors for the build of Hyper-Sub component modules (such as for its cabin, surface hull, and other system components).  These modules are then shipped to our facility for final "bolt together" assembly.  Once assembled, our vessels undergo final testing and DNV-GL certification processes.  It should be noted that the Hyper-Sub only uses time tested off the shelf components and design for its working parts and assembles. 

Engineering and Manufacturing Alliances

DNV-GL will manage the design, supply chain quality control, and manufacture of every aspect of a Hyper-Sub's construction.  Leaders in internationally recognized rules for the construction of manned submersibles, they ensure that a product meets all the relevant standards using the latest technical requirements for safe and reliable operations.  

(U.S. Contact: Jim Hierholzer

FMS Engineering will provide all cabin design and systems integration engineering for the Company.  FMS Engineering specializes in the design of  deep sea saturation dive systems which includes the design of pressure vessels for human occupancy (PVHO).  Their success in this unique industry can be credited to their dedicated staff of engineers and designers who use cutting edge technology, coordination and review efforts with classification societies and their continued involvement throughout the construction phase of their projects.  

Boksa Marine Design will develop any custom surface hull requirements needed by the Company.  Boksa combines its extensive knowledge of naval architecture, custom design and marine engineering with its operational experience to provide solutions for any type of commercial vessel.  They provide efficient solutions for every stage of a projects life-cycle, from establishing the vessel mission to design development and engineering to overseeing the final build. They manage the entire marine design process for its client or can assist with specific design services.   

SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation will manufacture the Hyper-Sub’s acrylic cabins.  SEAmagine is a leading manufacturer of small personal submarines and private submersibles with over 12,000 dives accumulated by its existing fleet. The company produces models of personal submarines for depths from 150 meters to 1500 meters deep. All of the company's personal submarines and private submersibles are fully classed and approved by the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry (CISR).

Arc Controls will be the manufacture of steel Hyper-Sub cabins.  Established in 1975, Arc Controls is an industry leader in the manufacture of Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy (PVHO). These include Diving Bells, Saturation Chambers, Transfer Locks, Hyperbaric Rescue Chambers and related equipment. These items can be ABS or DNV-GL Classed as well as ASME PVHO certified.

Hann Powerboats will be the Company's surface hull manufacture.  Hann has been manufacturing custom Powerboats since 2002. They have satisfied customers world wide, including the United States Navy, Air Force, Army Corps of Engineers, and Fish and Wildlife Service who are the most demanding in the world. Every boat built by Hann is semi-custom. No two boats are alike. Every boat starts with hulls that are proven with thousands of hours of commercial service and outfitted with the equipment a customer wants.  

Marketing, Product Support and Other Alliances

Orion Solutions provides strategic marketing and business development to assist in determining processes for introduction of goods and services to the Department of Defense Agencies. As an integral part of a team Orion helps companies formulate an executable plan to achieve maximum exposure in the targeted market place.  Our subject matter experts provide a full range of innovative engineering and professional services spanning the spectrum from military transformation and strategic program planning, to hands on engineering solutions.         

Trinity International Consultants, Inc. specializes in strategic market planning, market research, new product introduction and international market penetration strategies - all focused on the constantly growing and ever-changing global ocean technology industry.  The firm's record of success, spanning 18 years, has been based upon working closely with its clients to develop and implement innovative strategic and tactical business plans, which are aimed at introducing new technologies, establishing "win-win" collaborative partnerships and developing long-term economic growth opportunities.