The manufacture of a Hyper-Sub is a straight froward process.  We have aligned ourselves with highly respected, well established engineering teams and manufactures for the build of Hyper-Sub component modules (such as for its cabin, surface hull, and other system components).  When a Hyper-Sub is ordered, these modules will be manufactured under the watchful eye of DNV-GL, then shipped to our facility for final "bolt together" assembly.  Once assembled, our vessels undergo final testing and DNV-GL certification processes.  It should be noted that the Hyper-Sub only uses time tested off the shelf components and design for its working parts and assembles. 

Engineering and Manufacturing Alliances

DNV-GL will manage the design, supply chain quality control, and manufacture of every aspect of a Hyper-Sub's construction.  Leaders in internationally recognized rules for the construction of manned submersibles, they ensure that a product meets all the relevant standards using the latest technical requirements for safe and reliable operations.  

(U.S. Contact: Jim Hierholzer

U.S. Government Marketing and Hyper-Sub Product Support

Orion Solutions provides strategic marketing and business development to assist in determining processes for introduction of goods and services to the Department of Defense Agencies. As an integral part of a team Orion helps companies formulate an executable plan to achieve maximum exposure in the targeted market place.  Our subject matter experts provide a full range of innovative engineering and professional services spanning the spectrum from military transformation and strategic program planning, to hands on engineering solutions.