The Hyper-Sub MSV


You know it's something different when you see it; a speedboat that is also a true submarine. It is not, however, just another novel concept or cool looking mini-sub. The Hyper-Sub Multipurpose Sub-Sea Utility Vehicle (or MSV for short) is a technology that can, and will, change our access to the subsea environment.

Unlike large military submarines (that address our “blue water” needs) or deep dive submersibles (that address our need to go really deep), the MSV fills a huge unaddressed gap in the world’s underwater needs by being built for use in shallow waters (waters less than 1,000 feet deep).

By focusing on the design requirements at these depths, a new breed of vessel has emerged. One that is not only capable of being used in many more subsea roles by more end user types, but one that is much faster, easier, and less expensive to use as well.

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