The Hyper-Sub MSV


You know it's something different when you see it; a speedboat that is also a true, heavy-lift, utility submarine.  It is called the Hyper-Sub Multipurpose Sub-Sea Utility Vehicle or MSV. But, is it just another novel idea or can it truly change the game?

Obviously, it is not a competitor with blue-water (military) submarines or deep dive submersibles.  Instead, it picks up where these, and other specialized designs, leave off. 

By focusing on shallow water use (waters less than 1,000 feet deep), a more practical, general purpose, utility platform has been realized, and as a result, many more needs, that have currently been left unaddressed, can now be satisfied.

So, unlike other cool looking mini-subs you may have seen, the MSV is the “real deal” and has real-world, game-changing implications. Explore our site to learn more about this remarkable craft and why leading experts agree that the Hyper-Sub MSV will change the world in which we live.

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